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We know times can be hard and sometimes you don’t have a place to turn to but we are here to answer your questions. We are you one stop shop advice line. You can ask us anything about home making, saving, buying a house, finding a broker, quitting a job, finding a job, you name it, we will answer you with the best advice we can give. If we don’t have an answer, we can refer you to one of our many resources that can help solve your problems. We have 60 years of combined life experience solving all kinds of day to day, financial and even family problems. We are successful women who have made a place in this world and are now willing to share our blessings with you!

The first 15 minute consultation is always free, then you can buy in increments of 15 minutes. Kinda like a psychic hotline except we give you real practical advice to solve your problems with solutions and compassion.